(Not So) Fancy Braided Garlic Bread

4:07 PM

Last night I made the spaghetti Lance has been pining over for days now, and I was in the mood to be super domestic and make homemade garlic bread, too.  I slaved and slaved in the kitchen for hours over the hot stove to create this:

Just kidding.  Well, partially.  The spaghetti took hours and hours, but not the bread.  I cheated a little bit to create this fancy looking braided bread.  How did I cheat, you ask?

I used refrigerated bread dough... hehe!  I even slummed it and used margarine since I was out of real butter, and I didn't even use the fresh garlic I have in the fridge - just the pre-minced bottle I have.  Its ok to take short cuts sometimes folks :)

I've never made a braided bread before, but its really not difficult at all.  After looking into it for a few minutes, I discovered there seems to be two basic types of braided bread:


The kind where you score the sides of the dough to fold over your filling (I'm going to try this next!)

Or the kind where you just braid your bread dough like you would a five year old's hair.  There are tons of Youtube videos on the matter - thats where I figured out how to do the four strand braid. 

 This isn't even worth writing a "recipe" for since its not even a recipe, just a different way to use your Pillsbury dough.  After braiding the dough, I brushed it with melted "butter" and garlic and sprinkled kosher salt over it, and baked it according to the package directions.  Voilá!  Almost-instant "fancy" bread that was fun to tear away at.  Last night at dinner everyone was pretty impressed by the bread that I worked so hard on.

Only its our secret how hard it really is :)

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  1. You inspired me. We had garlic bread (from some bread I had around here), after seeing your post. =)


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