Lance's First Follow Up

10:13 PM

After lots of confusion yesterday regarding who, when, and where we were to see a doctor for Lance's first follow up, our appointment for Monday at a private practice was changed to a impromptu appointment on base.  Now that the snow melted enough to where the base was no longer considered "closed," we could finally be seen! Geez!

Lance had X-rays taken again after his splint was removed., and while he was in the room he "dropped" his broken arm! Poor guy left the X-ray room in silent tears, and he was in agony for a while afterwards.

The doctor said his arm is coming along fine, that the broken ends of the bones were getting "sticky" and starting to stick to each other (ick!), so he resplinted it and, to Lance's horror, he had to push and squeeze along his arm several times to get the bones to realign properly.  He kept taking new X-rays to make sure the bones were where he wanted them to be, and it took him a few shots to get it right.  My poor guy was such  trooper! I can't even imagine how terribly painful that must be.

This was the "before" X-ray

And the "after" when he was pushing everything where he wanted it to be.

Our next appointment is next Monday to make sure everything still looks good, and eventually Lance will get some sort of brace on his arm to replace the giant nasty splint he keeps getting.  I can't wait for my little fella to be back to normal!

At least he is healing well, and feeling great for the most part.  I couldn't ask for more.

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