Its Snowing!

8:37 PM

It snowed today!! Thank heavens it was a three day weekend!  A big snow storm was in the forecast for the weekend and beyond, and I was excited when I looked out of my bedroom window first thing this morning to see this:

An even better view can be seen from Alex's room - she unfairly has the best view of the whole house... again!

This is the most snow we've had in years and years, and the kids were super excited, needless to say.

Unfortunately, I don't have very many pictures of them playing in the snow.  I begged them to make a snowman in front of our huge living room window, and they started...

 But quickly got distracted by the neighborhood kids doing other stuff and took off.  
No snowman for me!

Lance took the kids to the store tonight to get them real snow boots (rather than those horrid rain boots they suffered in today), and they came home with some kiddie snowboards they found at Kmart.  I'm seriously doubting there will be school tomorrow (it hardly snows here, so generally the schools will shut down due to the dangerous roads), so hopefully they'll get to use them tomorrow!

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