Weekly Roundup 11

11:35 PM

Last week Lance headed out pretty late to find a gift for Lance Jr, and he was getting frustrated driving around in a town he didn't know. He asked me for directions, but he couldn't really talk on the phone or use his own GPS.  What do I do? Screen shot directions to him and text him... guess it worked :P 

Lamp at the post office - love!!

I thought I had missed the enrollment period for supplemental insurance, and I was super excited when I found out I hadn't.  I set up an appointment with the Aflac guy, but he never arrived that morning! After my lunch break that day, he was waiting for me, and I had to show Lance that yes, I was able to enroll, and I got my Aflac duck!  AFLAC!!!

My FB status update Christmas Eve.  Santa left his busy work for me and Lance to do... the kids' air hockey table!

Lance Jr breaking in his new gaming chair (that all-important gift that was sought after in the first pic above)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least! A text I sent to Lance after he told me the coffee was great that morning... I had to let him know which Keurig Kcup it was!  Guess what I got for Christmas??? (after some serious hinting...)

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