Weekly Roundup 10

7:57 PM

My life, via iPhone

I was so excited to see a convenience store near my work sell RedLine... I have to admit I was addicted to it once upon a time because it gave me a serious caffeine buzz!

So, I sort of have a not-so-secret admirer, a kind gentleman who rides his bike all over the island and comes in my work to grab some coffee as he is nearby.  He gave me a candy cane one day last week... I had to text Lance to make him jealous.  Don't judge me ;)

Can I tell you HOW EXCITED I was when I saw this box waiting for me after work one day last week??? I'll have to share the newest additions to our family - I just have to be sneaky taking the pics since the kids are home now.

Suki is so dang spoiled.

We went to the movies the other day and saw Puss In Boots.  I was slightly amused to find that this leaf blower decided to attend the show as well!

Big Lance took this picture the other night - he was cracking up at how Zeus was sitting :)

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