Weekly Roundup 9

8:09 AM

What randomness does my phone have this week?

I think my sister got a hold of my phone while she was still here - this was a nice surprise! Hi Rylie!!

I have to get up early during the week, so I normally wake the kids up early as well, have them get ready for the day, then they can relax and watch cartoons until it is time to go.  I suppose Lance was extra tired a few days ago... snuggling up with Zeus!

My sister and I went shopping on a strip of local shops last week, and I fell head over heels in love with one! It pretty much looks like a shop full of Pinterest ideas, haha... Anyways, a friend of mine at work was telling me she wanted to make her husband a Navy scrapbook as a gift, and I saw this display and had to show her.

Jessie and Rylie "decorated" my tree before they left.  I suppose my tree is magnetic!

On Saturday, a customer of mine gave me this button...

I saw this yesterday at the commissary and I got excited and had to show Lance - this is beef bowl! Minus the stinky cheese... I'll have to give this a try some time.

And finally, this cute shrub I saw outside of a dentist office the other day.  Cute!

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