Weekly Roundup 8

10:20 PM

My week through my iPhone's eyes... err, lens...

My new babies!! *Swoon*

The kids drinking "wine" (a.k.a. sparkling cider) at Thanksgiving dinner.  They loved being fancy.

I had to show Lance the zippered back hatch feature to this super Snuggy.

Zeus laying at our front window, waiting for Lance to come home.  Lance is his favorite person!

Every year, since they were born, I get the kids an engraved ornament from Things Remembered.  I texted Lance which ones I picked out this year.  The above is Lance's, and below is Alex's.

So many of my iPhone pics are things I text Lance throughout the day, as I'm sure you are noticing by now.  Here is a game based on the Awkward Family Photos site, which I'm quite confident you know all about... right??

I was hoping beyond hope I could find crawfish at the store the other day so we could have a crawfish boil with my sister, but no such luck.  I did see this ginormous crab, though... thought Lance would enjoy seeing it.  I'm exciting like that.

Look at these gorgeous baby toes!! These lovely beauties belong to my niece Rylie, which I will be showing off in great detail to you very, very soon :) Too busy enjoying her to blog much these days.

And finally... Lance texted me midday yesterday "whatcha doin?" to which I replied with the above picture.  My sister and I were at Applebees, which he promptly scolded me for going without him.  He had delicious leftovers for lunch, so don't feel too sorry for him.

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  1. Love love love the washer/dryer set! =) I am so jealous.

    And, awww baby toes!!!

  2. Love those baby toes! Her finger nails matched, and they were a super-duper glittery red... can't get much more glam than that!


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