Seattle With The Sis

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Last weekend while my sister was still in town we headed down to Seattle for the day.  We had a late start and didn't get to see as much as I anticipated, but we ended up having a ton of fun regardless.

A friend of mine from work recommended the Ride The Duck tour in Seattle, and we made it just in time for the very last tour.  It was so much fun! The "duck" is a WWII amphibious truck that, well, goes in the water (hence the "amphibious" part).  It was very, very strange riding around for a while and then just drive right into the water, and the kids thought it was hilarious.  The tour was really fun, albeit freezing, and we got to learn a good bit about the city and experience some spectacular views.

The kids laughing as we descended into the water

 Our "captain," donning his pirate hat and rocking out to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song

The houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle.  I suppose I'd appreciate it a bit more if I had actually seen the movie.  Fun homework assignment for me!

City views

I thought this was cute

The duck tours had a nighttime Christmas lights tour as well, and we saw it rocking out on the streets at night.

 I thought this was kitschy and utterly amazing! Apparently the Elephant Car Wash was the first automated car wash and is world famous, servicing numerous celebrities, politicians, and even presidents from time to time.

Several random pictures of the Space Needle

We tried taking several pictures from atop the Space Needle, but this is the only one that turned out decent.  

Several obligatory pictures of us at the top.  Me and my honey! Isn't he handsome?

My adorable sister Jessie and her new baby Rylie. 

My kiddos.  Man, Lance needs something done with his hair, but he doesn't want to cut it.

When I took this one of Lance, I swear I thought he looked like a young Tom Welling!  I wouldn't say no to those genes or baby blues :)

Anyways, back to reality *sigh*  Me and my hot ladies!

We were joking earlier in the day about the possibility of a Starbucks at the top of the Space Needle... and don'tcha know... there was!

 I loved this pic of my family having a blast

The Alexis Hotel which we randomly saw while driving around.  We'll have to stay there sometime :)

And finally, we went to dinner at Novilhos, a Brazilian steakhouse.  If you are not familiar with Brazilian-style steakhouses, I urge you to look for one and try it - its an experience! We went to our first one in Tokyo and loved it.  Its pretty much a meat "buffet" - the staff constantly roams around the restaurant with different cuts of succulent meat and will offer you each type on their rounds.  You have these little cards on your table, and its pretty much a "red light/green light" game with the food service.  SOOO flippin' good - as long as you aren't a vegetarian like my dearest Alex :)  By the end of the night we had the meat-sweats and had to head home and retreat into our meat-induced coma.  

A week later I'm still not hungry after all the food we ate that night.  For the pretty penny we paid, I suppose we got our money's worth!

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  1. We have a brazillian steakhouse in Knoxville! We also had a meat induced coma but it was so good. =)

  2. I visited Seattle a few years ago and LOVED it. The city had a lot to offer. Glad you got to enjoy the Space Needle... it was closed when we were there! One of my favorite places is north of Seattle... I will have to remember the name and get back to you... anyways!


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