Mapping Out My Resolutions: Home Management Binder

7:28 PM

The other day I wrote about my issues with paper clutter, and my ideas to overcome them this upcoming year.

Included in my annual personal overhaul is my plan to create my very own "Home Management Binder." I have to admit, I've never heard of them until I came across it on Pinterest, but I think its a genius idea, and I've been working on putting one together so I can use it soon! (New Year's is my goal... convenient, or cliché?)



The first one I looked at was from A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  In my research of these organizational utensils, this site seems to be the authority on the topic - I keep getting lead back to the site no matter where I look :)

The binder will be divided into different important aspects of my family's life - I'm still deciding how to go about it.  I started using the Erin Condren planner as my calendar and idea command center this summer and love it, so I'm not too concerned with having a calendar in my binder.  We also have a dry-erase monthly calendar in the kitchen that I write important info, so scheduling issues as a family is pretty much taken care of (in theory, at least...).

However, managing much of the rest of my life is all out of sorts, and that is where I am in my planning.  So far I've decided I need sections for:
  • Home - monthly/seasonal/yearly "chores,"warranty information, software registration
  • Car/auto - maintenance info, oil change schedule, insurance info, registration info
  • Contacts - pages for Alex and Lance's friends, including home and parent cell numbers, their addresses, and any allergies in case they eat over or stay the night
  • School - school logins, syllabi
  • Finances - bill schedule, budget plan
  • Menu - menu for the week, along with the printed recipes, favorite takeout menus
There are tons of great resources out there to help create your own family command center.  I've been checking out how others create theirs and have gotten ideas from documents they have created for themselves (and to share with us!)  Some of my favorites sites I keep coming back to are:

The Nest Effect - she has created so many unique printables that I absolutely want to recreate for myself - such as a pantry inventory, an irregular expenses tracker, and so many others.

Organizing Your Way - another great resource for printable documents.  Some of my favorites include the warranty tracker, summer packing list (which I will create a boat list for Lance for when he goes out to sea - that will help immensely!), or the utilities tracker

iheartorganizing seems to be the ultimate blog on the topic (hence the name...), and she also has quite a bit of resources to share.

Those are my ideas so far!  I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do it and I'm looking at other people's sites and getting ideas of how to make my own documents.  I guess I feel kind of nerdy making a "home management binder," I'm sure Lance would gawk at me if I told I'm this is what I'm working on, but I love the idea of being an organized person - I'm just not good at it.  I think this solve so many problems for me and let me put things in order in my life (and my family's), so if that makes me happy, let me get my nerd on! :)

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