Kids Say The Darndest Things: Episode 6

11:46 PM

Earlier today Lance Jr and I ran some errands and ended up at the grocery store. Big Lance asked me to pick up some "drinks," so Little Man and I were down the Beer and Spirits aisle so I could find something tasty.

Lance started asking question after question over why beer is bad for you (his D.A.R.E. program did a great job teaching him that alcohol is a drug, which now he can't stand when Lance and I drink, which is excruciatingly rare).  I told him yes, its bad for you... no, kids can never have it... yes, it can make you sick... and the questions still wouldn't stop. I'm glad he gets the fact that alcohol has serious negative consequences, but the questions, sheesh!

He finally asks "But why is it so bad for you?" in an honest attempt to understand why alcohol is so taboo in his mind, and as I was rushing away towards another aisle in the store, I say quickly "Because it makes you think stupid."

He stopped walking, and I turn to urge him to get a move on so we could leave, and I couldn't help notice the perplexed look on his face.

Finally, he said "But how does it make your feet stink?"

Haha... if only that was the worst that could happen :P

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