Deception Pass... Again!

3:47 PM

Sadly, this is my last post about my sister's visit to Whidbey Island.  I didn't get to take her and Rylie out as much as I would have liked - juggling a new job, lack of funds, and Washington weather with an almost spur-of-the-moment house guest left me not being the host that I wanted to be.  Regardless, we still had lots of fun, and I can't wait for them to come back during the summer months so we can explore much, much more :)

I took my girls to the Deception Pass Bridge since its such an icon of the island.  The weather was great (though freezing!), and we were able to get some pretty good pictures taken.  

Obviously I was having fun taking pictures with the sun :P

Jessie was very observant at the bridge and kept finding things I had overlooked. I've never noticed the different memorial markers along the bridge.

She was the one that found this Bald Eagle...

And this sea lion or seal or whatever it is.  She found two - she was on a roll!

My hot sister

Her hot daughter

 And me...

We were having fun taking pictures of our shadows along the rock side 

Isn't this awesome?? I wish this was my idea.

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