Christmas Recap

11:24 PM

Christmas was wonderful this year!  It was amazing being able to see Christmas lights and decorations everywhere we go - four years without is too long!  The kids and I had fun baking, we watched Christmas movies and shows every night this month, and we even "decorated" a tree outside for the birds (a new Christmas tradition in the making... I'll have to write a post about it next year!).  Lance and I have A Christmas Story marathon as we undergo Operation Big Red (his coined phrase), and I love being the first one to wish him a Happy Birthday as we build things and stuff stockings.  I think the only thing that would have made Christmas better was if it snowed... maybe next year!

Here are a few pictures of what the kids got from Santa and from us :)

The much anticipated sock monkeys (forgive the weird lighting)!! Get yours here!

Harry Potter

and Hermione!

Santa souped up the Game Room this year!

Looks like he brought a foosball table

and an air hockey table (for ME?!?! I LOVE air hockey!!)

Lance absolutely needed a new bike, so we got one from us

Alex got a Kindle Fire (*swoon*) since she is such an avid reader and I pretty much didn't know what else to get her! 

I had to throw this picture in there just for good measure :)

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