Weekly Roundup 6

12:57 PM

I started a photo album on FB called "'Cause I Got Friends In Strange Places." I kept seeing street names that would remind me of friends, so I have been capturing (and tagging!) the ones that I've found.  Hi Dr. Higgins!

Had to show off my new name plate to Lance :D

Alex has been a vegetarian for over four years now, and since this will be her first Thanksgiving stateside and meat-free, we are able to finally get her a Tofurky for the holidays! We haven't seen them sold in Japan.

The kids were especially whiny, needy, and missing their daddy one morning last week, so they blew him a kiss via text on their way to school.

Friday night I had a company holiday dinner with all the local branches, and I had to show Lance how yummy the dessert was! We've been trying to eat especially light in order to make up for the upcoming feast, but I admit there wasn't a crumb left of that dessert! <3

One of the many photos sitting on my phone of my "to watch" list for Black Friday sales for Christmas.  Harry Potter 1-4 was the very first game Lance actually beat :)

And finally, I had to send this pic to my sister - this reminds me of my grandma, as she always had these hard candies with her.  My sister said she remembers taking the canister and beating it on the kitchen floor constantly trying to break up the stuck candies :)

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  1. Hi Heidi~
    I am new here and enjoying your site tremendously.
    I know this is a silly question but I am very curious as to how your dear grandmother carried these sticky hard candies?
    I remember my grandmother always pulling them out of her purse but I can't remember what they were in. Obviously it wasn't the original container as it would be too big and bulky. And Ziploc bags weren't around in those days.
    Can you shed any light on this mystery? TIA!

  2. Jolly - Thanks for the compliment! My grandma actually lived with us for a few years after my grandfather died, so she had that exact canister at home with us. Did yours use a pill box maybe? Grandmas seem to have quite a few of those on hand at all times :)


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