Weekly Roundup 5

11:16 AM

A week of my life, through my iPhone's eyes...

A pic I sent Lance while I was at training for my new job at a bank. I thought it was hilarious I had to practice wearing keys. 

Another text to Lance. It was captioned "I cannot escape you people anywhere!!"  I must be the official TP-changer-outer everywhere I go... 

Yet another text to Lance. I was starting to brag that I got Burger King (we've been eating healthy)

but then I confessed the true nature of my lunch. It was still tasty :)

A cruddy pic of Alex during her Veteran's Day assembly at school.  Can you see her?

And finally - what I found waiting at my new station on my first day of work! A "Welcome Aboard" basket and a bunch of other cute things. I have high hopes for this place!

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