Our First 5k!

4:16 PM

Lance has really gotten into running over these past few months, and has even trained himself to run a half-marathon, which he completed on our day 90 of P90X.  He has been avidly looking up races in the area to do, both for himself and for us to do as a family (I'm nowhere near half-marathon capacity, but that is a goal of mine!).

Anyways, during his newfound race-researching obsession, he has discovered a type of race called a "mud run," which neither of us have ever heard of (I know, we are newbs).  There are tons of them out there, all different and crazy themes, and there was one called the Gladiator Rock 'N Run that was south of Seattle that was coming up.  Considering how I haven't been keeping up with my runs over the past few weeks, I declined participating and convinced him to do it with a buddy.  However, after YouTubing videos to see what the run and obstacles would be like, and after seeing several people in the videos who were clearly out of shape, he signed me up anyhow and said I was running whether I wanted to or not. My $70 was paid for. 


He's pushy like that.

I was absolutely terrified. I had that nasty sick-to-your-stomach feeling, and Lance liked reminding me of the run and teasing me about it.  Then the email came, outlining the course and the different obstacles there were.

Our "before" shots

Some other runners dressed up for the run.  Notice their wrists??

This was the "Bleacher Creature," the first obstacle that goes up and down, up and down the dang stairs.  I admit, I wanted to throw in the towel already here. I suppose I have to do some stairs training!

Hopping over spools...

and climbing up steep, slippery, muddy hills (there were ropes up there to pull yourself up with)

Walls to climb over (and the pink 4ft "Wall of Shame")


and more tires

Almost done, and super dirty!

And we finished! Our very first race! Granted, we didn't run for time (haha... a smidge over an hour), but it was so much fun!

Your shoes will no undoubtedly be ruined by the end of the run 

 But never fear! They have a shoe donation pile! Lance graciously donated his, walking back triumphantly barefoot :)

We decided we were going to start collecting and framing/hanging our race paraphernalia to keep the motivation going.  Lance did a great job hanging our stuff!

There are lots more themed runs coming up over the next year, but the one I'm super duper excited about is the Run For Your Lives run, where you have to run for freedom from the zombies!  I can't wait!

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