Going Dutch!

9:01 PM

Last post I mentioned that I highly recommend investing in a cast iron pot.  I struggle with using the word "investing" because they can be very, very inexpensive and buying a used one is very much as good (if not better) than getting a new one. The "investing" part refers to the love and caring of said pot, as it is not your traditional kitchen cookware.

Lance begged his mother for years to hand down her old "rice and gravy" pot to him, which I thought was very peculiar since we were both so young and my barely-legal boy toy was begging his mommy for dishes. I have long learned why he wanted the old beat up pot, and I have taught myself how to take care of the beloved family heirloom.

The show Good Eats is what inspired me to lay off the six-night-a-week Hamburger Helper dinners and to attempt to learn how to cook.  In I'm Just Here For The Food (Amazing book!! Would be a great gift for a foodie-wannabe like me), Alton Brown explains how to treat and care for your pot.  The videos below also go over how to start your life with your new pot (I included both parts of the episode in case you wanted to watch the whole thing! The part I wanted to share is in the first video).

And below is pretty much how I clean my cast iron.  I used to use soap and water, but after my cast iron rusting each time and having everything stick constantly, I finally figured out the problem was me and educated myself :)

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