Whoa Nelly - I'm Back Online!

11:08 PM

I've been a very loyal Mac user for four years now, and we just had our first issue.  Not too bad, considering our streak of terrible luck with PCs.  My newest computer was acting very funky and not cooperating, so we finally took it to the Genius Bar on Tuesday. Turns out the hard drive was failing, but luckily we were able to work with the computer enough to get all of our pictures off of there.  Not to mention the luck of it failing within a week of our warranty expiring!  Long story short - the computer is fixed, and I don't have to share a computer with my (gaming) husband (who is on leave still... lots of gaming!).

It feels so good to be back online!

Anywho... lots of stuff to share and catch up on, so I guess I better start writing, eh? :)

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