Weekly Roundup 1

11:33 AM

I see on so many other blogs and sites that people put up random pictures taken throughout the week that they've taken - stolen snippets of their day that seemed to be worth capturing (or texting to your sister or hubby!)  I, too, take tons of pictures on my iPhone, and I thought it would be fun to start sharing the most random parts of my day.

Yes, fun. It is my blog.  See the site name?  I can do that :)

Without further ado, here is the first edition of my Weekly Roundup!

Earlier this week we finally went to the library and got library cards.  The kids were able to get their own, and sign their own applications. I love Lance's signature :)

A random photo text to my sister. I was telling her about poetry magnets, and I showed her how many we have.  Yes, we have a few...

I kid you not - this was my view while running the other day - and taken with my iPhone! I loooove Whidbey Island!

Each year its Lance's job to put up the Halloween stuff outside with the kids - not mine! The kids really love traditions and stick to them hard. They put this up the other day in front of the house (Hope the neighbor doesn't mind! Its on shared property, and I still don't know her!)

Alex really got into the Halloween spirit and "decorated" some more over the weekend. This is the sidewalk along the street leading up to my house.

And the stairs leading up to my house...

 Isn't she creative?

Just this weekend I've dubbed Suki my "Wil Wheaton" (you Big Bang fans should get it hehe).  She always has to lay on your legs or at your feet, which I can't stand since I tend to shift around a lot and stretch my legs when I lay down or sleep.  This is what I find when I went to wake Alex up a few days ago...

And this is what I find when I kissed Lance goodnight (a few minutes too late) on Saturday night! Gotta love siblings (and washable markers!)

Lately we (cough *I*) have been obsessively crafty and have decided to make a lot of gifts this year.  The bug bit Alex, and she started (and finished!) making a gift for her grandmother.

Ok, so this isn't from my phone, but a nice surprise when I open my Photo Booth.  I always have tons of new pictures waiting for me there :)

 And finally, the highlight of my day! I went to check on Lance this morning to make sure he was dressed and making his bed, and he stares me down. Hard. In a challenging way.  I had to capture the battle of the super heroes before all hell broke loose (and text it to Daddy)!

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