P90X Week 12 Update!

10:55 AM

Another week down, one more to go :)

I know these updates are really boring, but I can't give up at this point - I only have one more week to go! WOOHOO! I'm excited for a change of pace - this workout has been great, but three months straight is starting to wear on me :P

Nothing new to really talk about workout wise, I suppose. Just chugging along, excited that I'm nearly complete with this program. Today is my weigh in day - I'm 138.8, versus last week's 142.6.  3.8 pounds is a lot of weight to lose, I know, but thats just what my body does.  I am stagnant for a while, hovering around the same weight for a while, then BAM! Big loss! I'm so freaking stoked that I'm in the 130's now - I never have maintained a weight lower than 142 as an adult (it was my "magic" number for a while), and so any time I have been lower than that I was watching my weight.  As I said, I've never maintained it in the past, so hopefully these healthy changes Lance and I have adopted will change that for good :)

Well, next week I'm going to do a recap of all my changes, big and little, so I suppose this will be it for this week!

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