P90X Update Week 11!

8:50 AM

I'm so close to the finish line, I can't believe it! Week 11 down, two more to go!

Its Monday morning, so I just weighed myself - 142.6, down from 145 last week (which was a terrible weigh in).  Last night we had, most likely, our last crawfish boil of the year, so we sort of indulged again.  I'd love to see how much weight I would be down if we weren't "indulging" so much lately, but oh well - this is a change for life. We are eating well otherwise, so its nice being able to balance the fun meals with sensible ones the rest of the week (is that how healthy people do it?? hehe).

As I mentioned last week, my workouts were off a few weeks ago from making myself too busy, so I've been making up my workouts - I've got it all scheduled in my head so I finish "on time" - I need to keep up with my timing so I can keep up with Lance!

There are quite a few interesting changes I've noticed with myself, but I decided to share that with you on my last update as a fun way to recap my journey.  If I was a bolder woman, I would share my pictures also, but lets be honest - I'm not that brave! Perhaps I'll post some where I'm donning more clothing - I can barely look at my actual "before" and "during" photos! Regardless, now that we are into our journey and there are results, it is fun to go back and compare, regardless how embarrassing it may be.  Lance and I decided to continue doing 30 day photos to keep our workout motivation going and to tracking the progress we hope to see.  Eventually we will do another round of P90X, so that would be really neat to see those pictures alongside our old ones :)

Well, I'm sort of avoiding working out by sitting here, pretending to think of more stuff to write. Time to "push play" and get moving!  Until next week...

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