P90X Update Week 10!

11:49 PM

I swear, these updates get later and later! At least I have a legitimate excuse this week :)

Last week hasn't been my best, honestly. To be fair, I have been incredibly busy with a million and one things, and I've put off a few too many workouts - enough to where I am redoing them this week to make up for it.  Also, after several big meals (birthday party cake and cookout Saturday, take-out Chinese Saturday night because I was wiped out, big crawfish boil Sunday, Five Guys Burgers because we were in town and have never tried it), my weight is far from where I want it to be - 145, versus 141.4 last week.  Hopefully most of this junky food and excess sodium will flush out by next week.  Back to eating right and working out faithfully this week :)

On the up side, as I was sorting through summer and winter clothes the other day, I was trying stuff on as I was shifting my wardrobe around. Clothes are fitting me so much better!  Isn't it so much fun "shopping" in your closet? I will have to buy new pants soon, as the ones that I have been wearing are way too big, and I'm still not quite into my "skinny" pants. Hopefully soon!

I am way slacking on my runs also, but not intentionally, I swear!  Aside from being super busy last week, and the fact that I cannot seem to get up early enough in the mornings to run with Alex before school, I had a dead serious excuse why I couldn't do one of my runs this week.

On Monday, as I was just starting to work out (and was going to run right after), the kids left to play outside, but came in immediately, telling us that the neighbor across the street was telling them to go back inside and to get their parents.  Of course we went to see what was going on, and apparently just a few minutes prior, a murder supposedly had just occurred about two blocks away and the suspect was still on the loose! Needless to say, we kept inside the rest of the evening and locked the doors, so no running for us.  Unfortunately, the news was true.  A man had murdered both of his grandfathers, in two separate locations, and was caught a few hours later.   I don't know what to say other than its such a shame that this stuff occurs.

That was quite a tangent!  Anyhow... I'm doing better this week than last - and I'm almost at the P90X finish line! Woohoo!

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