P90X: The FINAL Update!

9:43 PM

Its funny how when we look back on something, we always think "Wow, that went by fast!" I can't believe its been 90 days already, but it sure didn't seem to go by that fast while in the midst of it!

I am so excited to have completed P90X! I can be a quitter at times, and I honestly didn't foresee myself finishing this when I started - hence the updates to keep myself accountable.  Ninety days was going to pass regardless if I completed this program or not, and I'm very proud of myself for being able to say that I did :)

Now, on to the good stuff! There have been lots of changes between Lance and myself, and quite a few of them quite unexpected. A few examples are:

  • I have calluses now.  I always have one where my wedding ring is, but now I have them lined along all my fingers.  Hello, pull ups!
  • Speaking of which, I can do a chin-up! Actually, one and a half, but who is counting :P  I've never been able to do one in my entire life, but ninety days later, I can do one and a half.  Lance went from being able to maybe do two pull-ups if he was lucky, and now I think he can do about twelve or so!
  • My smallest jeans fit me! The only reason I still own them is because I loved the way they looked on me years ago, and I refused to believe that I would never be able to fit them again. When I started P90X, I was wearing a very, very snug size 10 jeans and starting to wear 12s, and I was oozing out of all of my tops. Lance has found me on more than one occasion hiding in the bathroom or in the shower crying over my reckless weight gain, and how my clothes weren't fitting me.  And now, my "skinny" jeans fit! They are a size 6! Don't let me fool you - I'm not a 6 - its just those jeans are cut that way.  I am wearing a snug/comfortable 8 now, and all my tops are fitting me how they should be.
  • This one was unexpected: Lance doesn't snore anymore! Lance has always snored off and on, but when we first moved to Washington, it was becoming such an issue that each night, I was either sleeping on the couch or had to put on my headphones and listen to an app with background noise to get me to fall asleep.  Now he doesn't snore at all!! How crazy is that? I'm not complaining :)
I started off weighing 156 pounds, and am at 137.4 now, losing a total of 18.6 pounds (so close to an even 20, ah well).  Lance lost a total of 36.2 pounds! I have to admit, we did not follow the nutrition guide provided with the program, but we have drastically changed our eating habits.  We are not "dieting," but making much, much better choices.  We eat red meat very occasionally now, we eat until we are content, not stuffed (big problem of mine), we try to make mindful snacking choices (but we do not deprive ourselves either... that leads both of us to binging habits!), we eat breakfast each morning, and I try to cook enough dinner for leftovers for the next day's lunch, avoiding the "Oh no! Gotta make a food run" dilemma at lunch time.  I think the anti-diet mentality definitely helps - it has to be a lifestyle change. We have to teach ourselves how to eat properly, not just eliminate some things until we reach our goal (and gain it right back). We are really pushing towards being more health-conscience, and that really helps.

Our "Brag Sheets" keeping track of our progress
Now - the reason why I'm posting this so late is because I've been debating on whether or not to show any of my progress pictures.  I'm an extremely self-conscience person, have had a poor body image of myself my entire life, and have never comfortable in my own skin.  I have a lot more to lose, but I really wanted to be honest about my progress and hope to inspire some "real" people out there.  There's nothing quite as frustrating looking at pictures of skinny-minnies transformed into Victoria Secret models.  That's not the case here.  I am, however, much healthier, much stronger, and feeling more and more confident with myself.

I'll be doing different workouts (probably Insanity next) and getting back to P90X in a few months, so I'll have to update that too since the accountability helps! (just not weekly - its a bit much I think).

With that being said... here is all my mustered courage, hoping to convince one other person to get moving!  I cried after taking our Day 0 pictures, and I was extremely reluctant for the Day 30. I mean, look at the excitement in my face.  However, I got really motivated seeing the progress, and was excited to take the later ones.  I think the pictures are a fabulous way to keep track of your efforts, no matter what you are doing to take care of your body. I can't wait to see how much fitter I hope to look in another 90 days with continued running and incorporating fitness into our daily lifestyle.

I'd love to hear about other people's progress or stories, whether its this program or any other way you've changed the way you live :) We have to inspire each other!

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  1. I know this post is fairily old, but when I saw it had no comments it made me sad.

    I would just like to say that I think it takes a lot of guts to, not only post the pictures, but to stick with something and finish it! As a self-conscious woman myself, I've never had a good body image of myself and reading your progress along with the progress pictures, you have definitely inspired me to get my butt moving!

    Thank you for sharing the journey!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! Anyone can really do anything, its just a matter of motivation... which is hard for me at times :P I need to restart P90X, just working up the motivation for another round!


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