Sunday, October 16, 2011

Harry Potter Spell Book

This I'm very excited to share with you, especially since I actually found a way to share it!  It took me a bit of Googling to figure out how to get this file in a downloadable format for you, so please forgive me if its quirky (and let me know too so I can fix it!)

I had so. much. fun. putting together Lance's birthday party, and its honestly hard to say what part of it was my favorite. If I had to choose, the spell books and wands would have to be my top picks.

As I've said before, Alex attended a Harry Potter birthday party earlier this year, which is what gave the kids the idea to have this theme for their own parties.  Alex came home with a full sized composition notebook as a "spell book," and I thought it was so freaking neat.  Of course, I had to copy the idea, but I modified it a bit.

I was not ready to go out and spend a ton of money on a bunch of notebooks (I've already spent too much on this party), but I really, really wanted to make the books.  I also had made so much other stuff for the kids to take home, I didn't want parents to think I was absolutely insane making them lug home a big book as well.

Enter the Dollar Tree: I found these mini composition notebooks (sized 4 1/2 X 3 1/4 in.) in packs of 3.  I thought these were the perfect "party favor" size, so I snagged a few.

I borrowed Alex's spell book and used it as a guide, and used this site to help fill in the rest of the spells that were missing to make a textbook/dictionary of sorts.  I measured the page size, made a template, and started writing what I wanted in there.

Print, cut, and glue - and voilá! Your very own spell book :)

At Lance's party, we had "Potions Class" where we made "Bouncy Ogre Boogers." I included the recipe for that, as well as a few other neat things, in the Potions chapter.

Two chapters seemed kind of wonky, so I added a third with mostly coloring pages I found online.

The students picked them up at Diagon Alley, and pretty much walked around the rest of the time with their wands and spell books.  Those were, by far, the favorite favors :)

Below you can read the contents of the Spell Book, as well as download a free PDF copy for yourself (not for resale, please... bad juju selling free stuff!).  I didn't print a cover for the books, but I added one in there for those who were interested.  If you use this, please let me know how your little wizards liked it, I'd be so excited to hear about it!

** Edit 12/26/13 - Since many people seem to have issues downloading the PDF from Scribd, here's a link to the document in my Google Drive.  Hopefully this will resolve any issues for those who are interested!



Hello, I posted a comment earlier but not sure if it sent since I'm new at this.. :) I was bragging on how wonderful this spell book is and that it's EXACTLY what I am looking for! My kids will love it! I can't download it without being sent to Scribd and they are charging money for the download? Maybe I'm not doing it right? Can you e-mail it to me? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Nicole Solzsmon

I love this but I am having trouble downloading it...

Yeseo Han

can you do 5 chapters?

It would be nice...

Yeseo Han

What script is it called in Microsoft Word?

Natalie E


I know this post is from a couple of years ago, but I am trying to pull together a Harry Potter Birthday Party and your spell books are EXACTLY what I am looking for, have been looking for, for about 5 hours today:) Is there anyway you could email me the file? natalie(dot)eysser(at)gmail(dot)com

Willow Kassania Krois

I would love to print out your spellbook for my daughters bday party. I am having trouble downloading it.
Please email me a copy to

Susan Mell

please please can you email this to me


My granddaughter is 8 years old, and I have been looking for something like this for months. Could you please help me. Grace

alexa reyes

would love to print out your spellbook for my little sister, I am having trouble downloading it.
Can you pls. send it to this email


If you are able to email me the PDF that would be great! Thanks

Zach Zettervall

e-mail me a PDF


Did anyone get an email of this? If so can I get one?? thanks I'm trying to do my son's party :)


I would love to have a PDF of this for my daughter's party. Would you please email it to me? Thanks :)

marie fisher

Can anyone email this to me for my sons party super please!!! thanks so much! Wonderful idea!


Hi guys - sorry I've dropped the ball blogging lately, life sort of got in the way! I am working on figuring out how to make the file more accessible, sorry for the late response!


Could you email this as well? Thank you!

Kate Wood

Hi, love this so much, and just what i'm looking for for my sister's party, could you email me a PDF at
Thanks so much in advance


I am trying to pull together last minute great favor for my son's party tomorrow but can't download. Can you please email it to me Thank you so much!!! Amy

Live, Dance, Love

I would love to get a copy of this and am unable to download this
(without having to sign up or pay).
Can you please email it to me at
Thank you! Heather

Denise K

can anyone please email me a copy also? thank you so much

Chelsea M

I know everyone is asking the same question, but I would also love a copy of your spell book for myself and a gift for a friend. Please please please email this to me at


For those who are still having issues downloading off Scribd, I added a link to the document on my Google account at the bottom of the post, or follow this link:


Saja S.S



Found this on a Google search--had already bought exactly the same notebooks with the thought to just write a few spells in or have the little wizards do so themselves, but this was even better! Thank you so so much. They were a great hit at the birthday party for our 11 year old!


Thank you so much for this! The spell book and all the extras that came inside were the final piece to our Harry Potter birthday party, you just made this part so easy for me!

Robyn Woolf

Perfect! Thanks so much!!! This was just what I was looking for!

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