A Haircut... Finally!

5:19 PM

Big Lance is finally at the end of his vacation, checking into his new command on Monday. Earlier he went to get his standard military haircut in honor of the occasion, and Lance Jr decided he wanted a haircut, too! He's been talking off and on about getting one, but not seriously enough. For a few years now we decided he's old enough to make decisions about how to cut his hair (to an extent, I guess), and he's been going through cycles of long hair/short hair phases.

This is the longest his hair has ever been. I think it looked cute on him, but I hated the daily bed-head battle - he looks rough in the mornings!

After a quick Google-image search for ideas, Lance decided this is type of look he wanted

Isn't he handsome? I keep thinking he belongs on a 1950's tv show, saying things like "Golly!" and "Gee Whiz!"

No matter what this boy does, he will be the cutest thing ever!

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