These Animals Are Making Me "SMH"

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** Edit: Today must be a day of coincidences - I've had a few things pop up in my day randomly that is making me think "its a sign."  My pets post happens to be one of them! I wrote this last night before bed, and now at Kelly's Korner (a popular blog I recently discovered), she's featuring pet posts! I've never linked up before, but why not today? Its a sign :) **

I'm telling you, these past past few months, and in particular these last few weeks, have been buck-freaking-wild when it comes to animals.

Suki was just in heat.  Oh Lord, was she in heat.  She's been sporting a lovely diaper up until last week, and she did not like it.  I mean she really, really did not like it.  Her personality had completely changed, and all she did was lay around refusing to move and she would tremble when you come near her.  Now that we are back in the states, we are going to get her spayed (our previous vet had an insane wait time and getting on "the list" was tougher than winning the dang lotto!). Hopefully I won't have to deal with her menstrual issues again!

Suki in her diaper, laying in the only spot that Zeus can't effectively get to her: my craft basket.
Zeus… to put it nicely, has been testing my patience for a while now.  These last few months have been a true test of love, because if I didn't truly love him, I think I would have dropped his butt off at the pound long ago.  He has been going absolutely and ridiculously crazy around Suki. Now, I know its nature and that Suki was in heat, blah blah blah, but its more than that I think.  For months he has been very obsessive over her and is slowly getting more and more aggressive towards discipline and growling (which he never did in the past), so Lance and I finally decided its time to get him neutered.  We had thought that some day he would make mini-Zeuses with a friend's Dane, but that is no longer an option, and his change in behavior and personality for the worse is no longer manageable.  He's a very good dog and he is such a vital part of our family, but this behavior has slowly been getting out of control.

And so.... last Friday Lance took Zeus to get neutered! *Hallelujah!*  I'm telling you, he is a completely different dog, but not! He is back to his happy-go-lucky self, with the exception that he actually listens to us now! Well, as good as he'll ever listen, I guess.  He doesn't seem bothered at all by his "procedure" (something we were concerned with since he's so old), and he is still really energetic and sniffs his Suki, but he's not obsessive or aggressive anymore.  Why didn't we do this years ago??

Zeus the night of his surgery, stoned off his arse, and being watched over by his Suki.
Oh, and do you see the tip of his tail above? Ya, he finally developed "Happy Tail" syndrome, which is where his big ole' tail wags too furiously in such confined spaces, causing him to bust the tip of his tail. The problem with that is that he keeps busting his same booboo, and how the heck do you get that to heal?? For about a month now we've been covering his tail with a paper towel and tape, and Magic Eraser-ing blood off the walls and doors throughout the house.  Bleh.  Hopefully we can get this cleared up soon, otherwise his tail could get infected and need to be docked.  That would be an interesting look.

And then there is this little dude.  Bill. Oh Bill.  Will you ever use a litter box? And not as a bed, please?

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  1. Oh my! I have never heard of "Happy Tail" syndrome, but I can see how that could happen. How sad :( Hope you can figure out a way to help the tail heal, so it doesn't have to be docked.

    Love the pic of Bill you posted. Too cute!

  2. The "Happy Tail" sure isn't fun, let me tell you! And I think the picture is kinda cute too. In theory. I just wish he would use the dang litter box for its intended use! hehe :)


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