Sorry, But I Gotta Brag...

11:44 PM

about my little girl!  As you know, Alex and I have been doing the Couch-To-5K program together, and just yesterday we did our biggest run yet - a straight 2 miles without stopping.  Its a very big deal for us.

Anyhow, Lance has been running too, but he does it on his own or with his workout buddy since he can actually run. Earlier this evening he changed and said he was going on his run, and I teasingly asked if he was taking Alex.  He said he was doing three miles today, and "Sure! I'll take her!" and called her downstairs.  I quickly tried talking him out of it because the run Alex and I did yesterday felt great, but the two miles was definitely our current limit.  He ignored me, telling me that he "knows best" (which lately all things I have been doubting him about has blown up in my face - hence his teasing cockiness).  Alex really wanted to chillax with her brother on the couch and watch night time Disney channel, but she gave in.

I gave her my phone to use my Nike+ app that way it wouldn't ruin Lance's run stats (he's obviously much quicker, and the ones on my phone have been her runs too).  I kept waiting around for them to come back twenty minutes later, with Lance shaking his head about her two-mile limit.

Well, check this out!!!

Homegirl ran over three and a half miles!!  I was so proud of her - just two months ago we were straggling along together, out of breath after our sixty-second jog intervals!  They ran the entire time, except a quick ten second break where I guess her stomach was killing her and she had to walk it off - luckily the pain went away right after.  I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of her, and how much I have been gloating the rest of the night. My ten year old has dogged me in running - running further than I have ever done in my entire life.

Now I have them teasing me about how I need to step it up.  Sheesh.

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