P90X Week 7 Update!

6:14 PM

Week 7?!  Nice!  That means today starts my second "Recovery Week," and then I'm on to Phase 3 - the final phase! I still can't believe I've stuck through this long!

This week has been much, much better for me. I think realizing all the things that were hurting me, such as not eating enough before working out and not getting enough sleep, has helped me get back on track.  I've also chilled out on trying to keep up with everything on the video, and listening to music this week rather than listening to the video helped me zone out and go at my own pace (I've done the videos enough to not need the audio).

Alex and I had a pretty rough week running, however, so we are repeating our Week 4 for C25K. Alex was really nervous and upset about it at first because she thought it would hinder her Halloween Kids race she wants to run, but I told her to not stress about it, and if we keep up the good work, we should be ok.  I had two decent runs last week and one that I really struggled with, and go figure that was the day that Alex channeled her inner Forrest Gump and left my behind in the dust and continued to run after the podcast was over!  Ah well, we all have our days.  There is no sense moving forward when the current workout is still a big effort, so we are revisiting our fourth week :)

And - my lovely weight loss cycle is coming full circle.  I've only lost .2 pounds this week - down to 145.8, but that's alright by me! I've done fairly well with my food, although I admit I haven't been tracking my food with Weight Watchers.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Thats bad of me - that is how I start slipping and start making bad food choices, but that honestly hasn't been the case. I've just been too busy to bother with it, I guess. Still not a good excuse!

Well, its time to get off the computer and try an intriguing Pioneer Woman recipe - I'll be sure to share it if it turns out well! Wish me luck :D

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