P90X Week 6 Update!

11:10 PM

Posting a day late again, yikes!  I've been super busy over the past week, and I hope I'll start getting to a normal routine soon!

I confess… it has it been a rough week for me!  I mean, really rough - some days I feel like I'm hanging by a thread and just want to quit.  On Friday I quit my Legs & Back workout early and sat outside crying.  Lance came home and found me and gave me a pep talk, and made me realize so much.

I'm wearing myself out unintentionally.  I've been doing Doubles (an extra cardio workout three days a week, bumped up to four days soon), which I really enjoy and want to keep up with.  I'm doing Couch-To-5K - my ultimate fitness goal is to be a runner, since that is my most dreaded sport and I am extremely jealous of those who do run. During each workout as of late, I am starving about halfway through, even though I am by no means starving myself at all (I <3 good food! See all the dang recipes I post?).  Also, since Doubles, I have not been sleeping in like I have all summer (have to get on a real schedule!), and I'm a girl who really needs her sleep. All of those factors are leaving me absolutely worn during each workout, leaving me to the point where I feel completely fizzled out way early on and frustrating me to the point of defeat.

Obviously I have lots to work on, but luckily it shouldn't be too hard to get myself back to being excited about doing the program.  Since Friday, I've made sure to eat more heartily before my workout, and that made a world of difference.  I've had negative thoughts going into these workouts lately because of all my issues, but I've been pumping myself up with excitement and positive thoughts each time, and my workouts are like night and day now.  Today I did plyo, my least favorite by far, and with my upbeat attitude (and extra food at lunch), I kicked ass!  Well, I did great according to my standards… that does not mean I did everything perfectly or quickly, or go without taking extra breaks, hehe, but it was my best attempt at the workout.

All in all, I'm refocused on this program and I'm excited to see it through.  I've already started Week 7, which means next week will be another recovery week, which means the following week is the FINAL PHASE!! Holy cow, I'm halfway done!

This past week I lost 2.6 pounds, down to 146.  That makes it an even ten pounds since the start of P90X, woohoo!  Our eating habits are immensely better, and Lance's attitude regarding food has become much healthier as well.  He's normally my obstacle when it comes to eating right - I tend to cook comfort foods that makes husbands and wives fat, and we'd snack all the time.  We are now eating breakfast every single morning, taking our vitamins, and drinking tons more water.  Woot!

And my "runs" for C25K are progressing quite nicely.  Alex is sticking with it too, doing so well, and we are talking about her first race, which will be next month! There is a children's race at the base for Halloween, and we should be good and plenty ready for her to do the 2 miler, which is the distance for her age group.

Hoping to have a better week this week - I'm off to a good start this week!  Happy healthy-ing, all!

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