P90X Update Week 8!

7:35 PM

I must confess… I was pretty lazy during this recovery week.  Too lazy, in fact.  I was busy and let that justify me skipping quite a few of the workouts, which I do and don't feel bad about. I feel bad because it is a 90 day program - not a "Do what you like in a 90 day window."  On the other hand, it was pretty fantastic taking those extra days off.  I guess I needed it, physically and mentally.  P90X is tough, and I'm starting to get to the point where the workouts seem a bit monotonous.

Today starts our Phase 3!  How it works is the first "phase," you have certain workouts to do - weight days and cardio days alternating.  The second phase is the same - with some of the weight days being entirely new workouts.  After doing the workouts for a few weeks though, they do get somewhat tiring.  Phase 3 is slightly different - the first week are the workouts from Phase 1, second week from Phase 2, third week from 1, fourth week from 2, then your final recovery week.  I'm excited about this phase, as it shakes up the workouts a bit more.

Anyways - I already did my workout today - Chest & Back from Phase 1.  And can I tell you - I kicked butt!! You are supposed to write down your numbers of reps and whatnot on the provided worksheets, and my numbers are so different! I'm so impressed with myself! I'm doing my pull ups differently (I'm sort of lifting off the chair boost and making myself do a hold at the top to work myself harder), and though my numbers are technically lower, I'm doing so much better at it and working much harder.  All of Phase 1 I did the push ups on my knees (there are so many variety of push ups that are so intense!!), and I did everything on my toes!! Even the super hard ones for me I did - and though I obviously did not do as many as I would have on my toes, my numbers were actually pretty close to those "knee" numbers.  I was so proud of myself!

I haven't lost much weight this week, which I expected. I'm 145.6, down .2 from last week. Again.  We did eat quite a bit over the weekend, and though we didn't feast by any means, we did indulge a bit more than we should have. Oh well, this is real life, right? We are still making very good choices overall with our eating, so these weeks with the smaller losses don't bring me down.  I can feel a difference in my body, and my clothes are feeling looser on me, so that is what truly matters :)

Alex and I are still running! We started Week 5 of Couch-To-5K, and to be honest, this week kind of scares the bejeezus out of me!  This week is slightly different from the others in that each day is different run times.  We already did Day 1, which was 3 rounds of 5 minute jogs. Tomorrow morning will be 2 rounds of 8 minute jogs, and on Thursday, our Day 3, will be a 20 minute straight jog!  Thats pretty hardcore and scary for me since I'm not a runner, but I know I can do it. I've completed this program before, and I know I can do it again :)  Alex is still really motivated and really excited about her first race at the end of October… hopefully Thursday's run doesn't change her mind!

So there is my update for the week! My goals this week are to push hard on these workouts and not let myself feel bored with them like I have been lately.  No more party food in the house - the chips and dip and Coke have to go!  See ya next week!

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