It Was "Labor Day" Weekend, Alright!

1:49 PM

Wow, what a weekend! Most holiday/three day weekends tend to be full of laziness or family outings and barbecues, but none of that crept into our schedules over the last few days.  Its already Wednesday, and I'm only now getting to write about it!  Lets see… what have we been up to...

  • The kids and I have been busy getting ready for back-to-school.  We already bought most of their school supplies, but I've been putting off the rest of it. Until now, at least.  Rest assured, the backpacks are packed to the brim with all of their essentials.  (Am I the only one who secretly loooves looking at school/office supplies? I've always been that way)
  • I ordered a ton of school clothes online, and it all finally came in.  Its so strange to me that the kids wear the same size tops!!  Both of them are wearing 10/12 (although Alex is teetering towards 14s, mainly tops).  Lance has shot up in height over this past year and his old shirts are nearing midriff status, and I had to order a bigger size.  Although he is swimming in his new shirts, at least it has sufficient length (until he outgrows them by Christmas!)  Alex wears the same size tops, but of course, her clothes tend to be clingier.  Regardless, it was quite hilarious when Alex and I were sorting through the boxes of clothes, and almost everything I'd pull out I'd say "Oh, you can borrow this too!"  She's even at the point where she can start borrowing a select few things of mine! I ordered a cute striped shirt for myself, and though it is too big for her, she could definitely pull it off as a tunic.  Wow, time flies…
  • Along with school supply and clothes shopping, I had to top it off with the new school kicks.  Lance had to have his annual Heely's purchase, and Alex got some really cute Converse wanna-be's and some funky biker boots (pictured below) from PayLess.  Luckily her tennis shoes still fit her great, so she didn't break the bank as bad as I was expecting.
  • Alex and I are still doing our Couch-To-5k program, and on Sunday we started off our fourth week.  We ran by the school (which is down the road) to check out the class schedules that were just posted, so now the kids know what teachers they have.  Not that its particularly exciting to them this year, as they are going to yet another new school (now that we have a house and live within a certain school boundary) and they don't know any of the teachers or classmates.  Alex seemed quite content with knowing her teacher's name at least, so I'm glad she was excited about it :)  We also normally run down by the water, and the view is spectacular.  We pass an area called Flintstone Park, and I finally stopped to take a quick pic of it.

  • We got new tags for the truck. Not Virginia tags, which my vehicles have always had, but Washington tags! I feel like a local!

  • Yesterday was the kids' "Ice Cream Social" for their new school, where they were able to meet their new teachers and tour the school.  I put "Ice Cream Social" in quotes because there was no ice cream to be found! Daddy took them to Dairy Queen afterwards to get them some ice cream. But before, he dropped me off at home so I could work out.  That's not right, is it? :)  My babies are getting so big! Lance is going into the third grade, and Alex the fifth - otherwise known as the last year of elementary school.  When Lance's new teacher asked him what his favorite subject was, he replied "Recess!!" a bit too anxiously.  That must be teachers' screening process of what to expect of new students, hehe.  Alex was quiet when meeting her teacher, but Daddy was sure to tease her when we found out that the boy who will be sitting next to her is a self-proclaimed class clown.  That should go over well with her - I can already see the death stares that poor boy will be getting from her.  

  • And the most laborous part of our Labor Day weekend?  We had a three-day garage sale! I finally was able to get rid of so much junk and made nearly $500! We didn't even sell hardly any of our "big ticket" items, such as our treadmill or printer, so time to post some stuff on Craigslist. It was terrible leaving our old house the way we did - I didn't get to spend the last month or two there organizing the house and sorting/tossing junk like I had anticipated, and so we had so much crap once our stuff got here! I got rid of much more junky stuff than I had anticipated, and yet I didn't get rid of nearly as many DVDs as Lance and I expected (we are finally going digital and cutting the clutter).  I met a few of my neighbors, which I was extremely happy about since I still don't really know anyone here, and I hope that I get to be good friends with them!

Lance and his friend Ryan playing and playing "shopkeeper"

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