First Day Of School '11

9:12 AM

Its official: the kids are off to school! The house is eerily quiet and empty, and the passing of time is starting to get to me again.

That is mainly due to this girl - my fifth grader.  Alex looks so grown today, and it kills me that this is her last year of elementary school.  She will be a middle schooler next year! I remember my middle school days - those kids are rough! She's such a sweet and innocent girl.

And my "snuggle buddy," as we call each other, doesn't look like a "little boy" any more. He definitely is looking older, and when the day comes that he's too big to snuggle with me on the couch, I think I'll have to have myself committed.  He's my baby.

I know I'm partial… but look at those faces!  Alex smiles like her daddy does (melts my heart), and Lance does everything like his sister, including the way she smiles.

The school is right down the street from here, so there is no bus service.  The only time Alex has ridden a bus was on her way home from Kindergarten to my mom's house, and Lance has never taken the bus (other than field trips).  Regardless, they love biking, and they love their new bike lock they share.  Its one where you make a four letter combo to lock it, and f course, they have the perfect word picked out :P

And there they go, leaving their mommy behind, all alone in this empty house.  The first days are always the hardest.  By the time next week rolls around, I won't be able to get them out of the house fast enough :)

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