Fashion Forward?

9:21 AM

This morning as the kids were finished getting dressed for school and came down stairs, both of their outfits caught my eye enough to want to take pictures of them.

I thought Alex did a great job of putting her cute outfit together.  She is developing her own sense of fashion more and more, and its fun watching her tastes evolve as she gets older.

And then there is my sweet baby Lance.  He looked so handsome today, with his clean, unripped jeans on, and this Tommy Hilfiger sweater I'm head over heels in love with, especially on him.  But what really made me do a double take was his clip on tie that he decided to wear with his sweater.  Its not tucked under his collar or anything… he's just wearing it like its a necklace! Its stuff like this that reminds me that he's my baby :)

I love these kids :)

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  1. Awww, they're so gorgeous! And, Alex still looks so much like your sister to me! =)

  2. Thanks - I think they are kinda cute too :D And I swear, Alex is a spitting image of her! Good thing my sister is really hot :)


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