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Last week while Lance was in school, people were talking about what they did on their long weekend. One of the chicks in his class mentioned that she went fishing, but was surprised when the kept catching "crawdads" instead. 

I can only imagine the look that must have spread across my husband's face.

Being from Louisiana, eating crawfish comes as natural as breathing, and going for years without it has left me with one angry coonass.  Since that day, he has been googling where to go around here, and apparently a great place to go is right down the street from us at Deception Pass!  Nice!  Then he was faced with the problem that he had no gear whatsoever and couldn't find any.  Google and YouTube delivers once again, and he found a type of trap that he thought looked promising.

He pretty much fashioned his traps after this guy's:

Lance's school friend and workout buddy Tony was pretty excited about the idea of crawfishing too and helped make the cages.  I think they did a great job!

We went down to Cranberry Lake at Deception Pass on Saturday with Tony's family.  I didn't realize that most of the pictures I took were of Lance - the kids ended up leaving with the other kids and their mom to go swimming.

Dropping the traps for the first time 

Tony almost dropped himself in the water! Luckily my big strong man saved the day :D

My favorite boys fishing together.

We ended up going around the lake to try a new spot, hoping for something more than we were getting.  It was gorgeous out!

There is the area the kids and Tony's wife were swimming

We finally caught one! It was pretty exciting, knowing that they do exist here!

Unfortunately, this is all we caught.  There were about a dozen little mud bugs in my colander - not enough to do anything with.  We are just freezing them until we have enough to eat.  Lance cooked them up and had to show it off on FB to prove to all his friends and family back home that he hasn't forgotten his roots!

I think the highlight of our day was catching this big papa!

Look how big he is compared to the other sized ones!  I can't wait until we can actually dine on these little guys - they are delicious!

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