Butternut Squash Fries

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Happy September!! I know I'm not the only one getting sooo excited over the new month, and the soon-to-be new season!  Autumn is probably my favorite season; the weather slowly cools down, making us break out our favorite sweaters; the gorgeous leaves falling; the precursor to the holiday season; and probably the number one thing people love most about fall: the glorious smells!!

Tonight I paid homage to the death of summer by making something very autumn-y, even though it was above and beyond my comfort zone.


I hate squash.  

Well, I hated it growing up, never liking the squishy texture it would become when my mom would cook it, so I have never prepared it as an adult.  Not once.

Lance, the pickiest eater of the family, has been a wee bit adventurous in his culinary repertoire lately, thanks to the family decision to eat more healthily.  As such, I have decided to seize the opportunity to introduce new foods to the family (before his adventurous side says bubye), hoping a few things will stick.  Hence the stupid squash.  Don't ask me what the heck got into me (maybe it was the bales-of-hay display at Wal-Mart?).

Anywho, I found this super easy recipe on a Weight Watchers board. I know, I know, thats where nearly everything I make comes from, but thats not a bad thing, is it?  I followed the directions, not really knowing if I was preparing the butternut squash right, but I guess I did fine.  Really easy preparation, actually.

And the verdict? AWESOME! Seriously!  I had no idea how great these would turn out, and I ate probably about half of the pan before dinner was even set on the table! It had a rich, buttery-pumpkiny taste to it, and I dare say - I may like it better than regular homemade baked fries!  This one is beyond a doubt a keeper, and I'll probably start using butternut squash as my go-to fries staple.

Butternut Squash Fries

1 ½ pound butternut squash
3 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon kosher salt
fresh ground black pepper

1.  Put squash in the microwave for about two minutes to soften lightly.  Peel and cut in half lenghtwise.  Scoop out the seeds and pulp, then cut the squash into ¼ inch slices, crosswise.  Place in a bowl and add olive oil.  Stir to coat.  Spray a cookie sheet with olive oil cooking spray, then spread squash evenly.

2.  Sprinkle with kosher salt and cracked pepper to taste.  Cook at 400˚ for 20 minutes.  Remove and turn each piece.  Add more pepper if desired and return to oven for 20 minutes, until brown.

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  1. Mmm.. Have you had spaghetti squash? I bet Alex would like it. =) It's strange, but good.

  2. Haven't tried that one, either. I've been wanting to, especially for Alex's sake, but since I've never been a squash fan, it was low on my priority list :P I guess that may be next!


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