Blackberry Surprise!

9:01 PM

Lance and I have been seeing people in the most random places around base and housing picking berries - at least that is what we assumed they were doing with their buckets on the side of the road.  Two days ago he mentioned again that he saw some people against the fence line of our housing area with their buckets, and yesterday on the way to the store I saw a huge family doing the same thing!  I decided to join in on the fun and see what we could find.

Big Lance wanted to take a nap, and Little Lance didn't want to stop playing with his friends, so my ole' faithful Alex tagged along with me on the walk around the neighborhood.  Thank God I have a girl in the family!

There is a path that we run a lot that I realized must have blackberries - the sidewalk is always speckled black with what I assumed were the berries.  We went that way and I was right, but there wasn't too much to find since most of the berries were on the other side of the fence, which was off-limits government property.  We walked our run path and kept looking around, and then we hit the jackpot!

 We found a few overgrown areas packed full of blackberries, and we quickly filled the basket we brought along with us.  We only stopped because I started to realize I was picking maybe too many, but after giving away some to a friend of ours, that leaves us open to go back in a few days and get some more!

It was a really fun random thing for Alex and I to do - I sure wasn't planning a berry picking outing!  Now we have a good bit to snack on, and I plan to get a bunch more to freeze and bake with until they are back in season next year. 

Time to google some healthy, yummy recipes!! :D

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