The Beginning Of Our Staycation

9:23 PM

What a great weekend! It was both busy and lazy, each wonderful in their own accord!

Lance finished school on Thursday, so he is taking a month-long post-transfer leave - he's never taken that much time off before! And the best part - we are going to do nothing!  That man has been here and there, mostly "there," over the past four years, and now for the next thirty days I am going to soak up every moment of him!

Well, that's the idea, anyways. I'm sure by Tuesday I'll be kicking him out of the house! Teehee, just kidding :)

Lance's friend from school is doing the same, and they both were really excited to kick off their first free weekend.  Lance and Tony left earlier this week on another crawfishing excursion, but as they were buying bait, they found a random market that sells bags of frozen crawfish! Yes, I know, frozen… blah, but considering my husband's favorite thing on this earth is crawfish and we haven't had any in nearly half a decade (!!), he kept that in mind. They didn't catch a single crawfish that day, but planned a cookout at our house for Friday instead.  Crawfish boil it is!

We had so much fun on Friday! Tony's family came over and hung out that night, and the kids play really, really well together, which any parent knows is crucial.  The crawfish ended up being pretty darn spectacular, which is awesome considering they were frozen and it was Lance's first crawfish boil on his own.  I mean, look at these babies!!

You'll have to forgive the blurriness of the picture.  I had just taken my first ever shot of habu sake…

And we ended up polishing off the bottle!  Holy smokes, Batman, did that stuff have a kick, but honestly, it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. I mean, I was expecting brutally harsh juju (it is made with viper venom after all…), but I was still standing at the end of the night :) 

Oh, and we drank the bottle without the snakes in it… the other is just for show!  Just clarifying...

The kids had a lot of fun playing with ferrets, playing video games, pool, making s'mores, and just causing a ruckus.  I'm sure our neighbors were loving us!

Saturday we ended up trading kids with our friends - the girls stayed at our house, and the boys at theirs.  Somehow I think we ended up with the better bargain!  The girls had a blast last night, playing and watching t.v. until the wee hours of the morning. Today they went to pick blackberries, and when the girls got back I let them help make blackberry muffins with their fresh berries. They were great :)

Lance and I were pretty lazy otherwise - Lance goofing off and watching football, and I lounged around, decorated for fall, and worked on Lance Jr's birthday party stuff.  Oh, I love this time of year - the house is feeling cozy, a routine with the kids is settling in, and I get my honey all to myself for once!

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