All Aboard Lance's Birthday Express!

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Lance Jr's birthday was months ago, and we had a very belated party for him two weeks ago.  We chose to do it late because we were new to the area and he didn't know many kids yet, and waiting until the school year to start and make new friends seemed like a good idea.

Unfortunately, not many kids showed up.  I think I was "that mom" that sent out invitations way too early in the school year, and no one knew my son still, so we only had a handful of kids.

Fortunately, the kids had a blast, and Lance didn't care about the number of attendees - they seemed to really enjoy themselves! Also, the rain pretty much held out aside from a light sprinkling here and there, so that was another point in our favor.

Lance chose to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party, and the idea came from a really cool birthday party Alex went to earlier this year.  Nearly every single aspect of the party was inspired by Pinterest, and I think I got a little overzealous working on the party to make it special for him (Lance has never had a "real" birthday party yet, aside from "gatherings," so I felt like making it up to him).  Though I was slightly disappointed in the turnout of his party after all the work I had put into it, the kids really loved all there was, making it worth the effort.  And knowing I can "recycle" the unused components of Lance's party into Alex's next year makes it a little easier to recount the hours upon hours of crafting I did! I'm very lucky she wants a Harry Potter party too :)

But don't let my complaining fool you; I had so much fun doing it all and watching the party unfold! I loved Harry Potter before the party; now I'm obsessed!

Onto the fun stuff! I'm going to share the party pictures now, then in another post share the crafts and favors that I made.

We rented a "kitchen" down at the park by the beach for the day - and it only cost $25! It had an enormous lawn, was right on the water, and was right next to the play ground.  The kitchen itself was about 1100 square feet - I was amazed that this was available! Such a great place to have a party and keep your house clean :)

When I went to rent the kitchen down at City Hall, the secretary asked if I would be renting a bounce house.  I had never considered the idea, but knowing that it was an option, and that I had plenty of space (and was scared entertaining a bunch of third graders), I jumped on the idea.

Pun may or may not have been intended :)

Notice its a castle?  Its Hogwarts, teehee!

This was the sign that shows the kids where the party was :)

There was the Sorting Ceremony, but I approached it a bit differently.  I had a big ole witch hat I bought for myself (I was Professor McMommagal), and I used it for nearly everything in the party.  To sort the kids into Houses (which we only did Gryffindor and Slytherin), they had to pick a "uniform" out of the Sorting Hat.  The uniforms were tie-dye t-shirts I made in appropriate House colors :)  The t-shirts were pretty much the only original idea out of all of the party stuff, lol.

The last person to be sorted got to hold the sorting hat, choosing the next student to be sorted.

Alex picked Gryffindor! (I let the kids switch Houses if they wanted, which nearly all of them did)

As we all know, "The wand chooses the wizard, Harry..." and it was no different at our party.  Each wizard put on the Sorting Hat to cover their eyes...

reach in blindfolded...

and get their new wand!

Then the students went over to Diagon Alley to pick up school supplies, such as their spell books and quills.  They were able to shop at the other shops, such as Honeydukes, at the end of the party.

We grilled out, and we had a cauldron of "polyjuice potion" that bubbled and hissed.  They took turns stirring the potion.

Up next was potions class, which they made "Bouncy Green Ogre Boogers" - the recipe found in their spell books.

It was an icky, nasty mess to make - but it is ogre boogers, after all!

They were actually making bouncy balls, which sadly we didn't get any pictures of.  I'll write more about the "boogers" in another post very soon!

What is a birthday party without a cake? Not just any cake but...

a magic cake, made by Hagrid himself?  It said "Happee Birthdae Lance" in Hagrid's fashion, and it was chocked full of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! What a fun surprise when the cake was cut into! (I know I took a better picture of the top of the cake with the writing, but I can't find it anywhere! I blame my computer's distress from a few weeks ago).

What better way to burn off that magic cake than a few rounds of Muggle Quidditch?

And last on the party agenda was the "Care of Magical Creatures" class - a.k.a. the dragon egg piñata!

The wizards took turns with the Sorting Hat blindfolding them again, and using their brooms to swing at the dragon egg.

Lance was quick to toss aside the hat to get his share of the loot!

And look at this little genius above! His parents must be so proud of his ingenuity!

Once the party was done and the guests left, we hung out with some friends of the family and relaxed.

What that really means is that I cleaned up, while the dads took a snooze in the bounce house.

Too bad the Imperio spell is Unforgivable.

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