A Pinteresting Gift Idea: Framed Map Heart

12:06 PM

I confess - my anniversary was a while ago… like back in July! I've been meaning to write about this since then, but each time I see my draft, I keep saying "Oh ya!  Maybe I'll do it tomorrow!"  Well, its tomorrow finally!

Lance and I have been married eight years now, and this year was particularly special to me.  All the crazy things we've been through over the past year has made me especially appreciative of him and of us, and I wanted to do something special for him (ideally a trip would have been fabulous, but how the past few months have been, it wasn't in the cards for us).  I've been struggling with trying to figure out what to get him for quite a while.  There are so many things I could easily get him - pretty much anything in the electronics section would send him on his merry way.  Anniversary gifts, though, are not quite satiated with the video game he's been dying for, and I really wanted to do something very special this year.   But… what to get a guy that is meaningful and wouldn't make me feel too dorky? AARRGGG!!!

As I keep mentioning, I'm a big fan of  Pinterest.  I have gotten so many ideas from it in such a short amount of time that it just keeps stoking the fires of my addiction.  And when inspiration for my anniversary gift struck, I was beyond elated!

I found these (and other similar ones) while browsing through some random Pinterest pics, and immediately I knew that is what I wanted to do for Lance.  It would be a simple gift, yet very meaningful.  I wanted to do a map of the place we met as it was a very good year to be reminded of the journey we've been on together.  Unfortunately, I don't have any maps of Virginia Beach laying around (where we met), and I didn't have the time to order one, so I had to resort to printing one off of Google.  Since I wanted the map zoomed in a good bit, the resolution wasn't the best, especially with the text in the map, but it would suffice.  I clipped the portion of the map I wanted and imported it to Picnik and put a small "L <3 H" on the area that we met.   I bought a frame and mat that goes well with our decor, and I printed out a sheet with a big ole rectangle in a green color I thought would look good in our house.  Cut out the heart, tape in on, and bam! Thats it!

I was very happy with the results of it, and nearly all my dorky inhibitions went away while wrapping it up for him.  I was confident that he would like it.  And to my delight, he loved it and definitely appreciated the sentiment behind it.  He has it hanging over his desk, and I can't help but smile that he wanted it very visible and close to his "area," and it reminds me of how far we've come :)

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