Piggies On Parade - Or Something Like That

6:46 PM

Apparently there's an annual pig roast here in Oak Harbor, so we headed down there Sunday for a little while.  The main reason was that the kids found out that there was a sidewalk chalk contest, and they had their hearts set on winning it.  On a side note - isn't a sidewalk chalk contest a brilliant idea?

Since pigs were the theme, lots of people had chalk drawings of piggies.

Others drew what inspired them

This one obviously stood out to me :)

 The kids decided to draw what interested them

Lance drew the little green alien from Toy Story, and I was soooo proud of him! He normally doesn't put much effort into artistic things, but he really put his best effort into this drawing, and I think he did marvelously!

Alex the artist drew a goose for her submission.  My picture doesn't do any justice to her drawing - I couldn't get a good shot of it at all.

Aside from that, the pig roast had other typical festival happenings.  There were bounce houses, craft booths, face painting, and a barbecue contest (obviously since it was a pig roast, after all).

My camera died once the kids started climbing this rock wall, so luckily phones these days come equipped with cameras!

Lance skittered right on up to the top with no problems at all

But Alex froze and panicked once she got to the top.  I was proud of her for getting that high - she tends to become afraid of things like this.  

And of course, what annual pig roast would be complete without….

Bacon Brittle... 

 or Bacon Fudge?

We had to buy these - we have yet to try any of the exotically trendy bacon foods out there.  They were strangely good, but a few curious, tiny nibbles definitely did the trick for me.

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