P90X Week 5 Update!

9:05 AM

I can't believe how fast time is zooming by!  Now that I'm done with the initial weeks of this program, its so encouraging to be able to say that I'm starting my sixth week of this badass workout program, and I'm still sticking to it!

Yesterday was my weigh in day and first day of Week 6, but I had one of those lovely 24-hour things going on so I pretty much just vegged on the couch reading Harry Potter all day (I will read them all, Alex!!).  I weighed in at 148.6, which was down 3.2 pounds from last week, or 7.4 pounds since starting P90X (started at 156).  This week was a pretty big loss, but as I've mentioned before, I tend to have a pretty big loss about once a month, and the rest of the month I lose a teensy bit, and maybe a small gain too.  Too bad today isn't my weigh in day, considering I ate next to nothing yesterday and felt sick.  That's cheating though, right? :P

I'm off by a day on my dang workouts now, darnit.  Its actually not a big deal since Sundays are my "day of rest" and therefore gives me a makeup day if I need it, but since Lance and his buddy are working out too, I feel like I'm behind.  Also, Alex and I are doing the Couch-To-5K program, and I have our runs timed on my cardio days, which are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I started "Doubles" last week on P90X, which is an additional cardio workout on the weights days, so no running then.

For anyone who happens to be doing P90X (or considering it) and isn't sure about doubles, I really like it.  Yes, it is a whole extra hour of working out, but honestly, the Cardio X video is probably one of my favorites.  It combines some moves from four different workouts, and since X'ers are pretty accustomed to enduring an entire hour of a certain type of workout, its pretty neat zooming through yoga or plyo in a matter of minutes :)  Oh, but those damned Dreya Rolls.  Those are in there *sigh*

I have been writing about doing pretty well with this, but please don't think that I am anywhere close to really keeping up.  I see improvements nearly every week, but I still get frustrated.  Plyometrics is pure hell to me. Oh God, I hate plyo.  In all honestly, I hate it so much that it actually hinders my progress, as a lot of the times I get so discouraged and just watch the damned moves that I hate instead of attempting them.  Such as the Dreya Rolls above, or Jump Knee Tucks *shudder*

I suppose in writing this week's update I've found my new goal.  A couple weeks back I wrote how I wanted to start working out on a timely schedule, and for the most part, I have (excluding today, as I'm already 30 minutes late and still blogging in my jammies!).  This week I will try my best to change my dreadful attitude about the workouts I really struggle with.  Having a postitive attitude really is the key to anything in life, and I absolutely know this - its just time to put on my big girl panties and quit wimping out on stuff that I feel like I can't do. I can't do it if I don't try! Of course its hard - that is the whole point of exercising and this workout, to push ourselves to improve our health and fitness.  Sometimes it can be hard to remember that while we are overwhelmed :P

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