P90X Week 4 Update!

6:37 PM

I am finished with Phase 1 of P90X! Four whole weeks down, and today was the start of Phase 2, which means a few different videos are introduced for the whole "muscle confusion" theory.

This past weekend was Lancie's birthday, so I sorta anticipated the weight "gain" I had today (up .8 pounds.  Started at 156, at 151.8 today).  Two nights of birthday cheesecake and an indulgent dinner is weighing heavy on me today!  The scale should be much friendlier to me next Monday, as I got rid of the remainder of Lance's cake today (thanks Tony! hehe).

This past week was "recovery week," which meant no weight training workouts and mostly cardio work.  It was a nice change of pace, knowing I didn't have to attempt to do pull ups, but I have to admit that I'm really excited to get back to the good stuff this week.  I decided to do "doubles" (a few days has an added cardio video) since I have the time for it, so that should be interesting :)

Tomorrow is our Day 30 already, and I just can't believe that I've stuck with this since I had been dreading it so much.  It is hard work, but its manageable.  Those days that I end up in a bad mood and mentally rebel against working out is the real battle, and I'm lucky to have an encouraging husband (nice way to put it, hehe) to urge me to keep going.  Tomorrow we have to take our measurements and our Day 30 pictures.  Lovely.  I'm not sure if I can see a difference in myself yet (Lance says he does), but I can feel a difference.  I notice my weight loss first in my stomach, and I can feel that its smaller.  Also, when I put my hands on my hips, I can feel my core is so much stronger without flexing! I feel the hard muscle under there, its just hiding behind a few layers of fat :P

I've also finally built up my resolve to finally seriously recommit to Weight Watchers. It really is a wonderful program that teaches you to eat healthy for life, but I've been doing it half heartedly and still snacking waaay too much - that is a big problem for me.  Although I tend to be a yoyo-dieter, I really have picked up so many healthy habits (and recipes!!!) since starting Weight Watchers long ago. Its just sticking to the portions and snacking that gets me in trouble.  Oh, and my love for baking...

I feel sort of nerdy and embarrassed to share all of this with whoever happens to stumble across this, but I'm also hoping that someone similar to me may find some inspiration to do something better for themselves.  I always find hope in people like me and seeing their accomplishments and struggles, and I hope sharing mine will help someone out there.  Sort of like paying it forward, right? :)

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