P90X Week 3 Update!

2:12 PM

Another week down, another pound lost!  I can't believe its been three full weeks since we started.  Today starts week 4, or "Recovery Week," which I'm both excited for and dreading.  There are no weights or pull ups this week (YAY!!), but there is a new core video that makes me sick to my stomach thinking about.  Oh well, we can only do the best that we can, right?

On Saturday I woke up in a wonky mood and felt like the only way to burn off my frustrations was go to on a run.  Really?!  Me, wanting to run?  Thats actually quite hilarious, as I never, ever want to run, but I was not going to ignore it.  I brought Alex with me and since I'm anything but a runner, I restarted the Couch-to-5K program.  I completed it about two summers ago, but never ran again sadly.  Hopefully I won't give up so easily this time (which is why I'm writing about it… accountability!) Alex did really, really well!  She's a natural :)

I did my run today, but having to go do laundry, school registration, pick up Lance from school, feed everyone for lunch, and other mommy/housewife duties that are squeezed in between, I'm just now ready to go do yoga.  Tonight Big Lance has his first football game, so I better quit goofing off on the computer and get back to real life so we can all go and cheer him on later :)

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