P90X Week 2 Update!

4:44 PM

I'm a day behind posting this, as yesterday was my first day of week 3, but I haven't felt well the past few days. Yesterday I attempted working out but gave up about 20 minutes into it, but I just now finished yesterday's workout, trying to get back on schedule :)

I lost 2.2 pounds this week! I suppose the only good thing about my weight ups and downs over the years is that I have learned how my body loses weight, so I normally expect one or two decent losses throughout the month, maybe a tiny gain, and then stay the same for a week or two.  I don't get worked up over those weeks, but having the better losses reminds me that regardless of how well we do, our bodies do fluctuate, and that sometimes the body just needs time to adjust.

The workouts are still as grueling for me, but my numbers on my chart are slightly higher than the week prior's.  Plus I don't have the "I'm-so-sore-because-I-just-started-working-out" thing going on anymore, so that is quite nice :)  I'm still doing pushups on my knees - there are just SO MANY that I can't keep up, and some of them are really difficult, but those will improve with time.

We took our measurements over the weekend.  We should have done it on Day 1, but for one reason or another we didn't, and I really wish we had.  Ah well.

Lance is doing spectacularly, and add to the fact that he has mandatory school workouts with the rest of his classmates, he is quickly slimming down and shaping up.  Its nice having a partner alongside you keeping up the motivation, because after these past few days I really, really did not want to work out.  I mean, really!  In fact, it put me in such a bad mood all day dreading it.  He's at football practice now, and I drug myself into our "gym" and just made myself do it because I did not want to face his reaction when we came home.

Stupid accountability.  But it works.  I feel physically great now, MUCH better attitude, getting over this funk from the past few days, and now the guilt of missing a workout and the dread of today's workout is gone.

My goal for this week is to get myself on an actual schedule.  When I was more of a "gym rat" (lol, not really), I would go to my classes religiously, and my whole day started with my 8:30 classes and it worked beautifully.  I need to start making myself start at a certain time everyday so I can start my day off positively and avoid the looming dread all day long.  I prefer to get it done early anyways - its a pain in the arse fitting it in later in the day.

On to Week 3!

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  1. Good for you! And, I'm much better in the morning too - not as many excuses lol. =)


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