Newest Members Of Our Family

8:20 PM

I can't believe I'm only now getting around to posting this!  A while ago, I teased that Lance had an idea for the kids' birthdays, but we couldn't really do anything about it back then due to our situation.  Now that we are all settled in and back to a normal(ish) life, we finally followed through on our promise to the kids that Daddy had something BIG in mind :)

Want a hint? This is the text I got of Lance's way home a few weeks back…

Yup, we got ferrets! Its been Big Lance's life dream to have some of these little critters, so naturally, that is what he wanted to give the kids for their birthdays :)

This is Billy Bob, Alex's ferret.  He's slightly… pudgy and lazy, and is very good at eating and sleeping. I mean, Olympic worthy.

And this is Bandit, Lance's ferret.  She is the complete opposite of Billy Bob - she is super hyper, can't stay still, and would rather run around like Speedy Gonzales rather than stop for snacks (to Billy Bob's delight).

This pretty much sums up what they do.  They sleep, eat, and hide in things.  Tubby, er… Billy Bob, somehow made it in Alex's hoodie sleeve.  The dogs are extremely curious about them, the kids adore them, Lance fulfilled his childhood dream, and I am on a crusade against a smelly house.

They are kinda cute though :)

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