Lance's Birthday Weekend

10:59 PM

My baby Wancie turned eight this past Saturday! Wow!

We are going to have a birthday party for him, but since he doesn't have that many friends yet here, we are waiting until school starts.  We decided to take him to play at Chuck E. Cheese and to see the Smurfs movie (which he's been dying to see), so we took the hour drive north to where we needed to be.  Go figure, the power was out in the city! All the street lights were out, stores had paper signs taped to their doors saying "closed," and people were leaving the mall and walking around the sidewalks looking confused.  Target was open, though! Lance thought it was really awesome that we were hanging around in a generator-powered Target, so that made me feel better about his small birthday plans being ruined.  We came home and had his annual shish kabob birthday dinner and the cheesecake he wanted me to make (next post!).  He already received his gifts really early this year (a bike, scooter, ferret), but I felt bad about not having anything for him to open on his actual birthday, so he got the Little Big Planet 2 game.  We all stayed up until 3am playing together! (and buying a costume pack or two…)

Sunday we redid our Saturday plans and did the Chuck E. Cheese/Smurfs shindig.  I didn't take very many pictures - Lance spent most of his tokens on the Terminator Salvation game, and there's only so many pics of that I could take :P

Lance has his heart set on having a Harry Potter birthday party, so I'm hoping that it will play at the base theater here in September.  You are able to rent out the balcony during a movie, and what better way to entertain a bunch of 8 year olds than watching Harry Potter 3D while in costume?  That won't be for about another month since school doesn't start until September 8th here (!!), and then he can invite his newest BFFs to his party :)

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