Deception Pass

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The other day we finally made it to Deception Pass.  It is a state park that is at the very north of Whidbey Island, and it is probably the most notable part of this island (other than the big 'ole Navy base).  Tourists flock here during the summer months to camp and take in the beauty, and I can definitely see why they do.  

Remember a few posts back I mentioned that there are tons of driftwood creations among the beaches?  Most of them are huts such as this, and I loooove them!

This particular hut seemed to have two "rooms" in it. Yes, it is that big.  
Here Alex is sitting on a "couch"

And Lance is attempting to start a fire. 
God forbid if he actually succeeded...

A beautiful bridge we stumbled across.  After we left the beach area, we randomly picked a spot to explore and ended up hiking.

Little did we realize that we were climbing a dang mountain! Ok, not really a mountain, but it was freaking huge.  Especially since we weren't expecting it and earlier that day I did the P90X plyometrics… needless to say, I'm still sore from that day!

A view from the top of the "mountain" we climbed.  That cleared spot back there is the Navy base, as well as the beach that we were at the other day!

I had been wondering why it was called "Deception Pass," but I never got around to googling it.

One of the famous things about this park is the bridge that spans from the island to the mainland.  It is very scenic and beautiful, and there is a walkway for tourists to walk across.  We've driven on this bridge several times going to a few towns north of us, and cars are always parked alongside the road so the people can walk the bridge and take photos.

A view from under the bridge, where pedestrians can cross to the other side of the busy street safely

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