Creative (Or Desperate) Parenting Even The President Would Be Proud Of

2:11 PM

There always seems to be a battle going on with the kids - there is always something that they keep getting in trouble for.   For the past few weeks, its been keeping their stuff outside.  And not just "outside," but in the streets.  Every day.

The way our neighborhood is set up is that there are alleys behind each strip of homes - there is no driveway or garage in the front of my house, so you have to drive in my back alley to get to the garage.  I really like having that alley because hardly any cars drive back there unless they are trying to get their garage, so its a pretty safe place for the kids to play with sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, or practice their Ripstiks.  However, they've gotten a little too comfortable with this lazy back street and figured its ok to leave their stuff in the road.  NOT OK!

Two days ago I got on them pretty hard about it - I can't be responsible for damage to other people's cars, I don't want to be blocking other people passing through, and that is all I need is to have Lance served a notice to his work regarding our "situation" since it is government housing, after all.

Last night when I was taking out the recycling to the street, I was furious because the kids had been in for hours, and yet laying in the middle of the road were:

* a pair of Crocs
* bucket of sidewalk chalk
* about a dozen pieces of chalk not in the bucket
* tennis racket
* bike
* water bottle

I grabbed a handful of the junk and threw it in the house, and being the amazingly patient ( <--- sarcasm) mother I am, screamed at them to go to bed because I was too mad to even deal with the situation any further.

Today while Lance was pulling up to the house on his way home from school, he found around the corner from my house (from yesterday):

* Alex's scooter
* pair of socks
* sweater
* a few cinderblocks taken from our wall-thingie in the front (!!)

Needless to say, stuff hit the fan, and Lance marched the kids outside and made them clean the backyard up until, and I quote, "the President comes over and screams WOW this yard is clean." Lol… After that, they got to walk around the neighborhood with grocery bags and clean up trash and any other stuff laying around.  We told them if they thought it was ok to mess up the neighborhood, then its fine by us for them to be responsible to clean the whole neighborhood.

They will be doing that the rest of the week.  Hopefully this lesson will have finally sunk in and will no longer be our ongoing battle.  Makes me dread whats next, though...

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