Cashew Butter

8:16 AM

Back in Japan, one of the dentists I worked with was hardcore into Crossfit and was following the Paleo diet.  One day he brought in homemade cashew butter (I guess peanut butter is a no no… I don't really know much about Paleo), and WOW was I in love! I don't know why I've never thought of it before… you can make any nut into a butter, so why not step beyond the typical peanut variety and use something tastier!

I looked up recipes, and some say to add a little oil or butter, but my dentist friend said he added nothing - straight up cashews.  To keep things lighter, I did the same.  All I did was get a plastic container that I would store the cashew butter in as my measurement, pour the roasted cashews in my food processor (I think I read you can use raw, but I had roasted), and process for about 6 or 7 minutes.  I had to stir once or twice to get the cashew crumbs that were climbing up the side of my bowl, but other than that, that's it!

The kids loved it, especially Alex.  In hindsight, thats a really good thing, since she's my vegetarian and tends to eat tons of peanut butter.  I guess school lunches won't be as boring this school year :)

Everything I've read said to keep homemade nut butters in a sealed container in the refrigerator and use within two weeks, as it will go rancid since your homemade butter is not loaded with preservatives.  

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