Another Earthquake Post?!

9:45 PM

Since I left Japan, I sure wasn't planning on writing about earthquakes anymore, but today's events just really left me in shock!

I grew up in Virginia Beach, and trust me, we were not taught in schools what to do in the event of an earthquake.  Hurricanes we deal with on an annual basis - I couldn't even begin to tell you how many we've been through or barely missed.  Earthquakes though? Never, ever, ever thought about dealing with one back home.

Needless to say I was really shocked when my Facebook feeds were exploding from all the updates from my friends back home - half of them weren't even sure if it was an earthquake because they've never experienced one. One of my friends actually thought it was an attack on the area - a much more plausible event back east than the improbable earthquake!  I know the 5.8 quake today wasn't nearly the magnitude of the Japanese quake back in March, but that doesn't mean that hundreds of thousands of people weren't terrified during the freak show, not knowing what to do.  The buildings aren't equipped to take the stresses of such rattling, which is a terrifying thought.

What really bothers me is that there was also a freak earthquake just hours earlier in Colorado.  What are the chances?  As I've said before, I was very happy to leave Japan and not come back because the insistent rattling after "the big one" just left me feeling like the earth wasn't done with all it needed to do.  I never would have thought that our planet is this uncomfortable though, needing to shift in the most random areas.

A few months ago during my self-implemented earthquake therapy, I posted a bunch of tips of what to do in the event of an earthquake - pulled from places such as FEMA and Earthquake Country.  Please take a moment to check out either of those sites, or my old post where I compiled the info.  What other disasters is your area prone to? Does your family know what to do? Are your emergency supplies gathered?  Its better to prepare for unlikely, rather than be caught off guard and not being able to take care of those who depend on you.

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  1. I totally know what you mean about unexpected earthquakes. I never thought we'd have one here in Christchurch either. They just don't happen in New Zealand!

    Then, on September 4th last year, we had a 7.1. Fortunately it was at night, so nobody died and not very many buildings were badly damaged. We were all like "Well ok then, THAT was a bit unexpected and scary, but on with normal life we go."

    On February 22nd this year we had a 6.3. Scariest experience OF MY LIFE. 182 people were killed, and there was, and still is, a massive amount of damage to our city.

    Totally not something you expect to happen to you, especially not twice!

  2. I know how you feel! The earthquake we experienced in Japan was the most terrifying moment of my life as well. I honestly said my last prayers during the quake, not knowing if I was going to leave the building I was in alive! Add to the fact that my kids had just got home from school and were alone... an experience I never want to live again! Sorry you went through it as well - but at least we have learned some valuable lessons from it. Its hard not to after an experience like that.


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