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Our family's recent resolution was to develop a new outdoor hobby that all of us could enjoy together, especially since we live in such a beautiful and serene area.  Hiking and visiting parks and nature trails seemed like such an easy and obvious choice, and one where we could include the dogs from time to time, so we finally decided to put words into action.

On Sunday the family and I set out to explore one of the billions of national parks around here.  We stopped by the base to get gas on the way to Deception Pass, probably Whidbey Island's most famous feature, but we decided to explore the nature trail that is on base since we were already there.  Lance said that it leads to the beach, and since the kids were looking forward to getting in the water somewhere, we took the detour.

This is the view from where those binoculars were.

Lance exercises three times a week through his school, and sometimes they come out to this trail to run.  A while ago he was telling me about it, and mentioning how the path had "weird decorations."  I get what he means now :)

I take it someone wanted to spread joy :)

Love and joy!

 I love this! I want to make a sign from our family to add!

When Lance was telling me about this place, he specifically mentioned these lady bugs. He said and the rest of his classmates were running, and since they were all new to the area, they stopped and looked at the "bugs" crazily and confused, lol

We walked the whole trail and went to the beach afterwards.  We had to cross a "bridge" to get there

I love this plant!

My handsome honey never willingly lets me take a picture, and for once he kind of let me, hehe

Holy farmer's tan, Batman!

The weather was perfect (mid-to-upper 70s), but since this area doesn't really get much warmer than that, the water was ice cold!! I stayed away, using my camera as my excuse for staying out :)

There were some other kids at the beach, and they were bringing huge driftwood logs into the water to sit on and roll around with.  Great idea, right?

Kids thought so!

The long skinny one wasn't big enough, so they spent like 20 minutes rolling this thing down to the shore, lol.

At least they approve!

She decided she was going to paddle away :P  Good luck with that!

Then Alex decided she was going to go surfing!

Sorta/kinda worked - that was the best she could ride in on her belly

The beaches on this island are loaded with driftwood all along the shores, and it is so amazing to me because although I've lived by the beach my entire life, I've never actually seen driftwood.  I think its gorgeous.  Anyways, another thing I love about here is that people tend to build "structures" (I guess thats the best word) with it, and other people generally leave it alone.  I appreciate that, because where I'm from, either it would be illegal for some stupid reason (everything is illegal in Virginia Beach), or some punks would just tear it down right away.  I don't know what the above is supposed to be, but its still cool :)

Lance carrying some ugly seaweed thing.  Anyone know what thats called?

I love how rocky this place is.  The kids do too… they've been collecting rocks practically their whole lives.

A random washed up boat


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